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  • by Katia Prikhodko
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Route Recon drivingToday, more than ever, the world is at your fingertips. With the click of a few buttons, you can end up halfway across the world in a remote location. You can research the best places to stay, the best foods to devour, the most notable attractions of the land, and if you dig deep enough, you can typically find some of the hidden gems of the land. So, what’s left? What else could you possibly need when you travel? Route Recon is the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s the app that will safely plan your routes on all your travels and adventures.

Logan Davis has spent the last 20 years practicing and studying security. His impressive background has given him the opportunity to learn, practice, and master an array of security tactics. During his time serving in the military, he has been a part of operations that involved personnel recovery, nuclear weapons security, and modernization of emergency planning procedures. Chatting with him, it quickly becomes evident that he knows what he is talking about.

With all that knowledge and experience, Logan noticed a gap in security. The security needs of military personnel, security personnel, and the average person all cross paths when planning routes. This is where Logan decided to pour his skills, ideas, and knowledge into a project he is very passionate about. That is how the Route Recon app idea came to life.

Route Recon SubwayRoute Recon began as an idea for a navigation app that could be used as a tool to help the military and the families of those serving overseas. During the development process, Logan saw the potential for its utilization by civilians as well. Teaming up with Seattle Software Developers they refined the app to be of military standard, yet accessible and useful for everyone.

As Logan put it, “Globalization allows us to connect and travel the world, like never before. However, that does not mean that the world is a safe place. For Americans traveling overseas, the most serious obstacle to personal safety is an attitude of complacency or fatalism.” Many Americans travel with a preconceived notion that the world is relatively safe and if one is to stay in the touristy areas, they will be fine. They are accustomed to certain safety features and emergency response organizations that exist in the United States, not questioning their existence outside the borders of America.

Route Recon does not solve the problems mentioned above. It’s designed to help users avoid the troubles that come about from a lack of security with deliberate planning. Logan’s vision for Route Recon is a tool that “will provide spatial orientation in unfamiliar urban areas and high-stress situations, while enhancing the ability to avoid the ‘X’ and support rescue efforts.” This is a simple way to help keep things under control and help travelers stay safe, while being more self-reliant.

Logan mentioned three kinds of potential targets that tourists and travelers fall into: the wrong place at the wrong time target, a victim by association target, and a target of opportunity. Route Recon is built to help avoiding being such a target by pre-planning. The first step is inputting your route information. Provide the app with what you already know about hotspots, danger zones, and any other intel you may have. Once you have added that in, the app will select your safest route and guide you through it even if you have a loss of cell service.

Route Recon Friends Using AppOften when traveling to remote areas or oversees, cell service is a trouble point. Route Recon addresses this problem by allowing your route information to be stored in such a way that enables you to keep your navigation running even while you are offline. You can input the information when you are safely at your hotel or in an area with wi-fi, and then continue along your prepared route no matter what your cell service situation may look like.

Another one of the highly useful features of the Route Recon app, is the ability to share your information with a selected group of users. Should you get separated from your group, or utilize the distress button, notifications will be sent to alert your selected group of individuals. This makes it perfect for traveling in a group or if you are traveling alone and want to assure that someone is aware of your last known location. This feature is highly useful in assisting with recovery efforts, should anything bad come to fruition.

Route Recon has been built not only with theory and knowledge of what could potentially happen, it has also been tested. Logan utilized the beta version of the app while living in Qatar. He successfully employed the Route Recon app and was able to prevent a dangerous situation during his last assignment overseas. Logan also plans to make use of the app when he visits Costa Rica with his wife this summer. From work to play, the Route Recon app goes with him as he travels the globe.

No matter where your travels take you, and no matter how long, the Route Recon app is a must have tool that should not be left behind. Go ahead and take that trip to the depths of South America, see the historical regions of Europe, and even travel across the United States. However, be sure that no matter where your travels take you, that your route is clear of danger. Route Recon is your plan, go have fun and safe travels!


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