These Reflective Shoelaces Just Might Save Your Life

The sun may be hanging around later these days, but that doesn’t mean you should drop your guard as you enjoy some outdoor exercise on warm evenings. Even in twilight conditions, you’re better off with something reflective on to help drivers spot you, especially if you’re biking or jogging on the road. Thankfully technology has caught up with style and you can get clothes that look good and help keep you safe.

Benjos, a company out of Minnesota that produces a myriad of shoelace styles in a mind-blowing array of colors, offers American-made 3M reflective sports laces that combine looks and safety in one neat little package. The laces incorporate a silver-colored reflective material that shines when exposed to light so you’re easy to spot. They come in ten colors like a striking yellow, a funky blue-green, and a cool purple with catchy names like Wet Canary, Spartmouth, and Cousin Traci. With all the choices you can easily match the color scheme of your running shoes — and with these babies on you won’t just get noticed at night by passing cars, you’ll get a second look during the day at the gym or on the street. 

Right now, Benjos has a two-for-one sale on all their sports laces, so hurry on by and get two pair for $10. They also have longer laces for boots, and flat, 27-inch Benjos made specifically for dress shoes. Get a rainbow of colors; this seven-pack (below) is available at Brooks Brothers for just $20. 

Brooks Brothers
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